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Draw Pick Illinois IL Lotto Pick 6 Game Math Proof Solution

Illinois Lotto Pick 6 winning numbers generator

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The key to this program is a consistently updated database of every Illinois Lotto Pick 6 jackpot drawing from the start of the new game matrix on April 14, 1999 to the last draw. The generator scans past draw matches and prints your best odds numbers for the next game to the screen. Probability proof functions find patterns in the jackpot history database of this lottery game and the mathematical software shows the best numbers to play. The computer program's algorithm is coded to include a number list with match percentage for each pick. Data output of matching winning number percent chance is in descending order and is saved to your account. When ready to play your exponentially better odds numbers at a lottery location, write them down then click the claim button to reset your user account to generate picks for a future game.

The Largest Cities play IL Lotto Pick 6:
Arlington Heights
Buffalo Grove
Carol Stream
Crystal Lake
Des Plaines
Downers Grove
Hoffman Estates
Mount Prospect
Oak Lawn
Oak Park
Orland Park
Tinley Park

How to win the Illinois Lotto Pick 6 game: Players pay $1 and play six numbers from a set of 52 provided by the probability generator, which is why the game is sometimes called the 6/52 Lotto.
The jackpot starts at 2 million USD with no roll over limit nor jackpot cap if no winner. The jackpot will continue to roll over until it is won by a player whom matches all six of his or her picks.
In November 2012, Illinois introduced an add on to the game, called Extra Shot for an additional $1. A play with Extra Shot adds a quick pick number from 1 to 25 to the game and will increase the payout if matched.
Players matching the extra shot plus 5, 4, 3 or 2 of the main numbers in the regular field receive a payout 25 times that of the base amount. However, matching it with all 6 winning numbers does not increase the jackpot payout.
Match all 6 picks in the base game to win the jackpot. However, matching as few as 2 numbers wins a prize. Matching 5 with extra shot will win an average of $50,000 and the extra shot number alone also wins a prize.
Aside from the main game, the extra shot option is an exciting add on lottery feature. When the bonus number is played and printed on your ticket, you have better odds of winning a prize. Playing with the add on number gives you more chances to win non jackpot prizes and will multiply the amounts times 25. Adding extra shot to the main IL Lotto Pick 6 draw improves your overall odds of winning prizes. The choice to play extra shot applies to all games played on the main IL Lotto Pick 6 play slip. You can't apply the bonus number option to the individual draw panels on the play slip.
You could be a winner if your picks match. There are a total of eleven prize winning categories for the Illinois Lotto Pick 6 with Extra Shot. The main game offers five different prize amounts including winning the jackpot. Playing the game with the bonus number ball gives you 6 more chances to win a prize from $5 to an average of $50,000.
The Illinois LOTTO Pick 6 game is an official state lottery multi million dollar jackpot game. However, as tickets can be purchased online, you no longer need to be a Illinois state resident and this lottery game can be played internationally.
Games are held 3 times per week on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Tickets can be purchased until 9:15pm CST on game days and the drawing is televised live in Illinois. The winning numbers are submitted online shortly after the drawing has been confirmed.

Due to the numerous prizes that can be won in the game with the add on Extra Shot and relatively cheap ticket prices, it is no surprise that Illinois Lotto Pick 6 is among the most popular lottery played in Illinois.

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