Lucky for Life Winning Number Prediction

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The Lucky for Life jackpot drawings database is scanned and a math predicted winning numbers pattern is written to a database for the software to predict best chance Lucky for Life Lotto numbers for you.
If two users run that program that writes to the pattern database at the same time, both processes would crash before they predict best chance Lucky for Life winning numbers.
To avoid that, a unique named pattern database, including your unique email address, is created for you.
Your email will be held private and will not be distributed, so no worries.
Lucky for Life prediction software Forecast winning lottery numbers for next game

The Lucky for Life numbers software

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Smart program that uses probability Fast processing that shows helpful information

Predicts winning numbers

The software predicts numbers with history of draw winning patterns using a computer program including advanced math functions. Proof with probability methods execute and produce next most likely numbers. Your best bet numbers with match percentages are saved to your user account. When ready to play the numbers at a specific location, write down the numbers and claim them to reset your account to store information for a future game.

The following states play Lucky for Life:
New England:
Lucky for Life RI, CT, MA, NH, ME, VT
Lucky for Life DE, DC
Great Lakes:
Lucky for Life OH, MI
Lucky for Life IA, MO, ND, MN
Lucky for Life NC, SC, KY, AR, stay-tuned WV
Rocky Mountain:
Lucky for Life CO, MT, ID, stay-tuned WY

How the Lucky for Life software predicts

That 1 in 30,821,472 chance to match 5 of 48 main and 1 of 18 Lucky Ball numbers is correct for quick picks.
However, my software, including a database of the entire winning draw history, will increase your odds exponentially.
To predict numbers, the software launches individual processes for each pick to prove smaller number ranges to hit in.
Each process uses a probability proof to give matching an individual draw the odds of a heads or tails coin flip.
Just one button click runs the fast software that does all the math for you, then prints to screen your number predictions.
This award winning program is user friendly and helpful. Your top 10 to 20 numbers, including match percentages, also get listed in descending order for each pick.
Using the software will make the top prize of 7,000 a week probable and put the 25,000 a year 2nd prize in your reach.
The 3rd prize of 5,000 is worth playing for and is also made predictable. Worth mentioning is that the 4th prize of 200 gets predicted often.
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I'll consider making software that predicts for another lotto game that you play using the same math functions. You're welcome to send me an email:
Include the game name and your state in the message.