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Mega Sena Brazil winning numbers generator

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Engineering Calculus and Probability


The key to this program is a consistently updated database of every Brazilian Mega Sena game drawing from its launch on 03/11/1996 to the last draw. The generator scans and finds the best patterns in the jackpot numbers history database of the Brazilian Mega Sena using a computer program including probability and calculus functions. Advanced mathematical methods read the data and prints to screen the most likely combination to match the winning numbers. Win percentages of best number picks are also listed in order and saved to your user account. When ready to play your highest chance numbers at a lottery location, write down and claim them to refresh your account to store another drawing for a game in the future.

The Brazilian States - Capitals play Mega Sena:
Acre - Rio Branco
Alagoas- Maceio
Amapa - Macapa
Amazonas - Manaus
Bahia - Salvador
Ceara - Fortaleza
Distrito Federal - Brasilia
Espirito Santo - Vitoria
Goias - Goiania
Maranhao - Sao Luis
Mato Grosso - Cuiaba
Mato Grosso do Sul - Campo Grande
Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte
Para - Belem
Paraiba - Joao Pessoa
Parana - Curitiba
Pernambuco - Recife
Piaui - Teresina
Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro
Rio Grande do Norte - Natal
Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre
Rondonia - Porto Velho
Roraima - Boa Vista
Santa Catarina - Florianopolis
Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo
Sergipe - Aracaju
Tocantins - Palmas

How to play the Brazil Mega Sena game: Select 6 total numbers from a set of 1 to 60.
In contrast to most lotteries, Mega Sena's number drawing is pulled from two separate drums. The first containing numbers from 0 to 5 and the second containing numbers from 0 to 9. One digit is selected from each drum and together form one draw. This process is done for each winning number announcement. A note worth mentioning is if 00 is selected, it equals the number 60 in this lottery game. The Mega Sena lottery is the most popular of all the national lotteries.
Many people are attracted because of its tax free impressive jackpots and secondary prizes.
This Brazilian lotto is now available internationally. You can buy official lottery tickets online to play for the next draw if you live outside of Brazil.
Draws are played every Wednesday and Saturday and is televised at 20:00, local time in Brazil and the winning numbers can be viewed online shortly after they've been confirmed.
Other than the jackpot, prizes are awarded for matching 4 and 5 numbers also. With three ways to win from the prize pool, Mega Sena jackpot winners benefit from 35% of proceeds. Players whom match 5 numbers win 19% of the proceeds. Players whom match 4 numbers also win 19% of reserved proceeds. Caixa Federal Bank administrates South America's most popular lottery game wins.

Popular Mega Sena History: A man ironically named Renne Senna, won $52 million playing the lottery game in 2005. He was a lucky man until he was shot outside of a bar two years after winning the jackpot. The plot thickens with information about a woman named Adriana Almeida. Senna and Almeida started dating then married shortly after Senna's win. She was suspected of planning her husband's murder to inherit his riches valued at $54 million USD. However she was found innocent of conspiracy to murder her jackpot winner husband in 2007. Almeida was acquitted in December 2011 and was nicknamed the Mega Sena Widow. Inheriting Senna's fortune then became her legal right.

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