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South African Lotto winning numbers generator

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Algorithm Engineering and Probability

South African

The key to this program is a consistently updated database of every South African Lotto jackpot drawing from when the game started in March 2000 to the last draw. The generator calculates the numbers from past draws to predict the next draw. Probability functions find patterns in the jackpot history database of the South African Lotto and the mathematical proof shows the best numbers to play. The computer program algorithm is coded to include a number list for each pick. Data prints to screen with percentage chance of matching the winning number in order and is saved to your account. When ready to play your best chance numbers at a lottery location, write them down then claim them to refresh your user account to store the drawing of a future game.

The Provinces play SA Lotto:
Eastern Cape
Free State
North West
Northern Cape
Western Cape
Republic of South Africa

How to play the South African Lotto game: Players select 6 numbers from a set of 52, which is why the game is sometimes called the 6/52 Lotto.
During the actual drawing, a total of seven numbers are drawn from the same pool. The first six act as the main numbers, and the seventh acts as the Bonus Ball.
In order to win the jackpot, you must match all six main numbers. However, there are other prizes to be won for people who match as little as three numbers.
The jackpot initiates at R2 million but if no winner, it continues to roll over with no cap until the jackpot combination is matched.
Aside from SA Lotto, there is an add-on option called Lotto Plus that follows the exact same format as the main SA Lotto draw. The numbers you choose to play for the SA Lotto would automatically get entered as the Lotto Plus draw if you play it for a chance to win bonus prizes. That jackpot does not roll over if no winner. Instead, it gets distributed to the other prize divisions except for tier number 7, which has a set prize of R10.50.
There is a total of seven prize winning categories for both South African Lotto and Lotto Plus. The amount distributed to winning players is 45% of ticket sales and the odds of winning are the same for both games. Other than the jackpot, the prize breakdown includes hitting 3, 4 and 5 numbers with and without the bonus ball.
Official SA lotto tickets are now available internationally. They can be purchased in stores that participate in lottery games or online to play for the next draw if you live outside of The Republic.
Draws were played weekly until October 2001 when a Wednesday drawing was added to the Saturday draw. The game is televised live in South Africa at 21.30 SAST. The winning numbers can also be viewed online shortly after the drawing has been confirmed.

Due to the many prizes that can be won with the add-on game Lotto Plus and relatively cheap ticket prices, it is no surprise that South African Lotto is among the most popular lottery played in South Africa.

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