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Country: South Africa
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With one button click, the generator scans our entire, up to date,
winning SA Powerball draw history and finds the best win pattern.
Working recursively with each individual pick proves a smaller
number range with better win odds. To predict numbers, the software
launches individual processes for each pick that use a powerful
probability algorithm to prove the most likely number for each pick.
Your top 10 - 20 numbers, with matching percentages for each pick
get printed to screen. Online with no download drama.
The print screen below is a demo of what the generate numbers button does.
And is from a live run where that game's separate SA Power Ball draw was a 3.
Try it now to get the top number lists for each main draw and separate SA Power Ball.
You may generate as many number lines as you want for a single game.
Even sharing your account with a game group is welcome. We truly
want you to win millions. To run the program and see these numbers,
simply answer the short form above and click generate numbers.
SA Powerball winning numbers chart.
Get the winning numbers for next game above.

When you win a large enough prize to donate, please do so. The donations help the software to stay online.
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This generator is the solution to how to win South Africa powerball
and gives best bet numbers for the next game drawing.
The current Provinces - Capitals - Largest Cities of the RSA:
Eastern Cape - Bhisho (Bisho) - Port Elizabeth
Free State - Bloemfontein - Bloemfontein
Gauteng - Johannesburg - Johannesburg
KwaZulu-Natal - Pietermaritzburg - Durban
Limpopo - Polokwane (Pietersburg) - Polokwane
Mpumalanga - Mbombela (Nelspruit) - Mbombela
North West - Mahikeng (Mafikeng) - Rustenburg
Northern Cape - Kimberley - Kimberley
Western Cape - Cape Town - Cape Town
Republic of South Africa - Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein - Johannesburg
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