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My credentials are a computer science degree from an accredited university with advanced math studies. I created online software that uses math to generate best chance lottery numbers for Powerball and other popular global lottery games. The site name is DrawTip.com and the user count has reached 1,000,000 from word of mouth and first page listings of popular Google search terms.
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Millions of people worldwide play the lottery and many of them use the software on this site because it is unique and helpful; meaning my universal traffic system of real people will continue to grow. Instead of charging my growing network of users to use the numbers generators of my website, I'm sharing my global traffic for a limited time bargain low-cost. You get unlimited worldwide visits to your site for 30 days. Your banner ad will be placed for the best network click through rate traffic possible, on the number results pages of every network generator. And on my sponsors page that gets heavy international traffic by itself. You may use your own banner or one from my gallery of animated banner ads.
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