Drawtip Traffic Terms of Service

Website Traffic Terms of Service

My terms of service are simple. If you become my sponsor, then I will place your banner for the best click through rate traffic possible. Your banner will appear on the numbers result page of any lottery game numbers generator for all countries that you could provide a product or service to.
For example, if you sell a product that could be shipped globally, then your ad will be seen globally.
If your website is setup to service only your country, for example, the United States, then your ad will be seen coast to coast in the US and in bordering countries including Canada.
Either way, your banner ad will get thousands of impressions that will produce sales leads and should produce sales.
And as a bonus, my newest sponsor's banner ad will be listed at the top of my sponsors page, linked directly off the index home page.
I'm rooting for all my sponsors and their websites to be successful and would put effort into your traffic campaign.
Although I can and will send allot of visitors to your website, I can not make people buy your product or service.
Your online company will either succeed or fail. I personally have had multiple failed websites before becoming successful with Drawtip.
Either way, please keep in mind that most of my sponsors are happy to get this quality website traffic for a low-cost.
Your email and communication is welcome. However, rude comments from people whom are bitter due to low or no sales will not be tolerated. Such negative messages may result in a campaign being ended early.
Because of such a low-cost, my time, effort and labor involved in setting up a campaign, refunds are not accepted. However, there is no contract, nor auto re-billing. Your website traffic campaign is a one time payment monthly sponsorship by will.
I will mention some of my credentials to give you an idea of the technology behind Drawtip. I have a computer science degree from an accredited university, I have learned website traffic skills, that are not taught in college, from a relative whom claims to have been the first person to accept credit cards on the internet and I consider this website to represent a big part of my life's work.
I need you because even though your purchase is a low cost, it helps maintain my growing overhead internet company cost. And you need me because I'm the best at getting web traffic. My proof is that I don't pay for advertising my traffic service. And you found me online with little effort. I laugh when I see a paid for online ad that advertises a traffic service. Think about it. Would you want to depend on traffic from an individual whom has to pay to advertise the website traffic service or me?
Drawtip is on track to becoming a household name. Even though, depending on who you ask, it may be a new start up company, it is successful.
And if you and your website come on board now, then I will loyally keep you at today's low-cost when the price increases in the future. And the site has expanded to more countries with traffic from those countries.