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How it works:
My global high traffic network consists of the world famous DrawTip.com for better lotto odds
Online network expansion ( fast probability software ) and helpful services are always in the works.
The user count and traffic is growing at a fast rate and help is needed to stay online.
In return for your sponsorship, unlimited, real, unique high click through rate traffic will be sent to your website.
Service includes an animated, custom web banner if you need one. However you may use your own banner ad if you have one. The most popular traffic campaign includes the following.
Your advertisement will appear on the best chance number results pages at DrawTip.com used globally, nationally and locally by avid game players.
The ad will also be seen on my sponsors page, promoted to new and returning visitors, linked directly off the home page.
A campaign runs for 30 days with global unlimited traffic to your website for a one time low cost. Sponsorship cost from less than $5 USD.
If you're happy with your effective traffic, then you may run it as many times as you want for successful advertising results.
Customize one of the many banners or use your own ( standard size ) for your ad campaign.
The multiple pages of animated banners are organized by category and ID Name.
Eazy to navigate gallery with simple form to start your sponsorship. See the link below on each page.


ID Name Banner Ad
Read All About It! Low Cost Header
Suit Winker Cheap Advertising
Suit Shouter Inexpensive Ads
WOW Eyes On Sale Poster

Apparrel / Shoes:

Apparrel Low-Priced Advertisement
Shoes Bargain Promotion
Shoes 2 High Website Traffic
Military National Endorsement
Balley Global Announcement


Sports New York Competitive
Hockey Skates Federal Notice
Ice Skates Reasonably Priced
Surf Board Cut-Rate
Skate Board Rock-Bottom
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